Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dr. Correctum

A month or so ago, a client I will refer to as "Mama-Licious"  came in for her usual  bikini wax.  As she assumed the position on my treatment table, she said she wanted a full Brazilian wax this time, instead of her usual bikini cleanup.  She then mentioned it was a special  occasion.  "Really?"  I asked.  "Are you and your sweetheart  celebrating an anniversary?"    "No," M-Licious replied.  "I am having surgery tomorrow, and I want to be nice and clean for my surgeon"...Hmmmm, I thought to myself. What kind of surgery requires a Brazilian wax?  Before long she volunteered the information. It seems that during her last childbirth, she had a nasty tear between the vaginal and rectal area, with resulting scar tissue.  She was so excited about having the surgery.

M-Licious continued to tell me her story about finding the perfect colon/rectal surgeon.  She walked into his clinic for a consultation, and in the reception area hanging on the wall was a sign that read, "You think YOU'VE had a shitty day".  M-Licious said she knew instantly she would like this guy, and sure enough, he was a kind, caring, and friendly doc with a sense of humor. The surgery was scheduled, and her waxing appointment set for the night before the surgery. 

"Now," she commented.  "I have a favor to ask, because I know you also have a great imagination  and sense of humor too".  MOI???  What could I possibly do other than create a beautiful, hair-free canvass for Dr. Cor-rectum first thing in the morning"...She asked if I could come up with some type of poem or limerick, and write it on her tush for the nice doctor to see first thing in the morning.  Weeeeeeeeee, I thought to myself....I knew someday my poetry would be in demand, but I had no idea it would be written on someone's ass for the entire surgical staff to see. 

After waxing M-Licious, I grabbed my sharpie marker and engraved the following on her tush:

Dr. Correctum
Oh how I respect'em
For making my tutor
Look so much cuter !

M-Licisou called me a few days after her surgery, and said we were the talk of the hospital!  Ahhhhhh, just another day at the office.

The Wax Slinger   


  1. Sounds like you undoubtedly LOVE your clients!
    Thanks for the afternoon chuckle!

  2. your stories are great :D this is by far my favourite blog :D