Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beautiful People

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?  Imagine if you will.....walking into your office each day, and instead of  a desk and computer,  you   see beautiful people stretched out, naked and waiting for you to do your magic.  Ahhh, the life of a waxologist, and the "beautiful people".   

One particular client comes to mind.... Prior to his first visit, he had called on the telephone to ask a few questions.  He seemed very shy, and emphasized to me the fact that this was an extremely uncomfortable situation for him.  He wanted a back wax, male Brazilian, as well as a  brow wax.  Was my studio busy?  Would he come face to face with a lot of people when he walked in?  I assured him that my studio was very small, discreet,  and set up for the client that wanted privacy.  (Many men feel uncomfortable walking into a large and busy day spa).  During the telephone conversation, I formed a mental image of this client based on his questions...middle aged, balding, slightly overweight, and wanting to please his wife. Very sweet.

The day came for me to meet my new client.  I had made a mental note to be very friendly and welcoming  to alleviate the awkwardness  for him.   Then I realized I could possibly have a "situation" on my hands.  The client I was waxing before him was one of my regulars....and a "piece of work"  if you will.  I'll call her "Stiletta"...because she usually comes in with 5 inch stilettos, mini skirt, is very tall with  long blond hair, well, you get the picture. And before you mentally judge Stiletta and decide to play "Hooker, Not A Hooker", let me tell you that she owns a multimillion dollar company.  She also owns every room she walks into.    Despite her outrageous self, she is also very sweet. Give her 15 minutes and she's your best friend. I believe this is one reason she is so successful in her business....Anyway....

I left my treatment room after waxing Stiletta, knowing that my new client was at the front desk filling out paperwork.  As I walked down the hall to greet him, my jaw dropped.  My "balding middle aged guy" turned out to be tall, dark, with long curly hair, and absolutely nothing like I had imagined.   Can you say "gorgeous"???   Kinda like the following picture, and if you are my age and remember "Sully"  from the old Dr. Quinn show, you will understand:

Ok, he was even hotter than Sully..  And then all hell broke loose.  Stiletta prances out, spots Sully, walks up to him, puts her arm around his neck and says "So what are WE having waxed today???"  I wanted to  die.  My discreet and private studio had turned into Grand Central with neon lights...And the neon was flashing NEW GUY

Much to my relief, Sully handled it very well.  He smiled, remained calm and looked to me for reassurance.  I told Stiletta that this was Sully's first visit, and we needed to treat him with kid gloves....She broke out laughing and said, "ok I get it Terry, just tell me to get the hell out"...She tossed her mane and laughed all the way out the door...God I love Stiletta...she handled it with utmost grace...and even got a little smile out of Sully.

After all the drama, I had the pleasure of waxing Sully.  Turns out he does construction work, owns his own business, and was getting waxed to please his girl friend...  Time for some manscaping...By the end of the hour, we had bonded.

Now, before you get the wrong idea, let me clarify that I am a happily married woman of 25 years. My goal is to "bond"  with each and every client who walks through my door. It's called customer service,  and having a sincere personal interest in your clients.  And Sully and I did indeed bond. He told me all about his work, his girlfriend, and why he was here.  He offered to help with some construction ideas on a small cabin I'm planning for retirement some day. He is a regular client now, and yes, his body is incredible, but his heart  is  even more beautiful... You see, in my business, we often deal with  vain, selfish,  and arrogant people. It's refreshing to see someone who is beautiful on the outside, and even more so on the inside.

Beautiful people come in all shapes and forms.  For instance, the 23 year old young woman who came in for services that she could no longer perform on herself.  She lost both arms from the elbows down when she was  defusing  a bomb during her tour of duty in Iraq.  She had another beautiful person with her while visiting my studio that day, her dear husband, only 24 years old.  This young man was getting up every morning and applying her makeup.  He was there to show me how she liked her makeup done. (In addition to waxing,  I am a permanent makeup artist and tattoo makeup on clients).This young man's love for his wife took my breath away, more than any "beautiful body" ever could.

Yes, I love my job...have I mentioned that yet?  I love it because I meet people every day who restore my faith in humanity...Those are the truly "beautiful people"...

The Wax Slinger

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  1. Beautiful and humbling.... Yup, I love what we do!