Thursday, September 1, 2011

Intro - The Waxing Diaries

So begins the blogging.  Let me introduce myself, and then you can decide whether this blog may be an interesting read. I am "The Wax Slinger".  I've been slinging wax in South Texas for 10 years now.  What does a "wax slinger" do, and why should this be an interesting read?  Technically, my license lists me as an esthetician, or facialist.  Traditionally, an esthetician does facials and skin care treatments, with a little waxing thrown in here and there to shape eyebrows, remove that mustache off your upper lip, etc. Can you say "boring" ???

Several years back  I made the decision to specialize in hair removal via waxing.  I like to call this "extreme body waxing".  Everything from legs, chest, back, inner nostrils, nipples, and the ever-so-popular Brazilian, both male and female.  Yes, people pay me to rip their hair out.  They pay me very well in fact, and many of them return for this ritual every month.  You can just imagine the type of relationship that develops when you have your face up in someone's junk,  month in and month out.  The stories I hear and the stories I have to tell.  I like to think of myself as the Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)  of the waxing world.  Just so you know, the names have been changed to protect the "not so innocent".   So sit back, hold on tight, and get ready to "pee your pants" as I reveal

"The Waxing Diaries"

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