Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Window Washer

Ok, I swear this happened...I'm not making it up...I was waxing a regular client one day...female, brazilian, yada, yada, yada...  Having our usual enjoyable conversation.....when  all of the sudden...wack !  swush!  swush some more!  I looked over at my picture window that was dressed  with privacy blinds (that were mostly closed, I say MOSTLY)...and I see this guy washing my window.  Now, just so you know, this window is to the back of my building, protected by a wooden fence and trees.  Normally, I could leave the blinds completely open, and not have to worry about privacy.  But there stood the window washer...and he kinda looked like this:

 So, panic sets in (on my part, not the client)....I attempt to calmly explain to her that there is a guy washing our window, but I don't think he can really see in, so she can be assured that her privacy is in tact. *me sweating bullets*

What does she say?  "Hey Wax, let's make the guy's day.  Crank open those blinds "just a little"...

Just another day in the life of the Wax Slinger....



  1. Yo - add an RSS widget to your blog so I can subscribe and read it even when not at a desktop!

    Also, updates, please.

    Pushy, that is me. ;-)


  2. OMG how embarrassing. Lucky she was so understanding!