Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Staff

Thought you would enjoy meeting my staff. First of all, let me introduce Jeanette. Jeanette is the "Terminator" of hair removal, thus we came up with her nickname  "The Waxinator".  Jeanette is my "right arm" at Brows to Brazilians. She is all business when it comes to waxing.  She has been in the esthetics industry for years, and her clients, both women and men, love her dearly. I LOVE HER The Waxinator:

Neely aka The Waxidermist, runs my second location in San Antonio "The Wax Bar". Prior to working for me, she had a glam job working with several physicians around town. When a former employee walked out on me with no notice (she was boring anyway), I called Neely and pretty much begged her to come and run The Wax Bar. Run she did, and our business has tripled because of Neely.  The only thing I hate about her, she's so darned gorgeous!   (J/K)  Meet Neely, The Waxidermist. She's got your Rx for hair removal !

And then there's Angela.  You know that saying "watch out for the quiet ones"?  Angela has become "super waxer"  in a short time.  Her clients adore her.  We affectionately gave her the name "The Waxinatrix".  (I think she kinda likes it!)  Meet the Waxinatrix:

And then there's, well uh, me.  I'm the Wax Slinger.  I love romantic quiet evenings and  long walks on the beach (NOT).  Any way, hope you have enjoyed meeting my staff.  

The Wax Slinger



  1. ha love it i go to angela she is the best !! great place at the downtown location
    thanks for the great deals too :)

  2. Angela is the best ! Thanks for your business!